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Anxiety is a simple word with an immense impact on someone's life. It comes in varying levels from one person to the other. It becomes a problem when something makes one fearful to a degree it affects their well-being. It is accompanied by a general feeling of sadness and stress. Severe anxiety affects a person's daily life and also brings mental illnesses like depression. Overcoming anxiety and dealing with disorders associated with it is the best thing if done effectively. This will help a person to return quickly to their normal life. There are several ways one can use in overcoming anxiety. Self-help methods have been very popular and useful. Self-help is good in dealing with anxiety, but there need more therapies to alleviate the underlying causes of the same. 


One can overcome anxiety by dealing with personal issues. This can be done by involving oneself in more productive ways. It involves challenging irrational worrisome thoughts, and training oneself how to avoid worrying about things. This also includes being ready to accept and deal with uncertainties of this life. One should also adopt changes that will bring about anxiety changes. This includes beginning workouts, seeking family and friends support as well as eliminating some diets like caffeine. There are relaxation techniques that can help to alleviate anxiety. Some of them include deep breathing and engaging in meditation. Relaxation helps one to have a less reactive nervous system, and you will be out of danger from stress and anxiety. 


Self-soothing is another effective way of overcoming anxiety. There is a need to know how to calm and soothe yourself any time you experience some anxiety feelings. Self-soothing is easy and can help you to significantly overcome fear or how to not be jealous. Self-soothing is a method that mostly uses the physical senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and sounds. 


Self-soothing methods are not enough ways of eliminating anxiety.  Professional self is crucial to do away with anxiety and the underlying causes completely. A mental health professional will be an excellent help in dealing with stress. These professionals have specialized in anxiety disorders and have the right skills to help you out of it. Overcoming anxiety involves dealing with all the underlying symptoms that one have rather than treating just one. 


The best way of overcoming anxiety is utilizing self-help methods as well as professional therapy. Therapy has no side effects and is the most preferred way of overcoming anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one method that is also effective in dealing with anxiety. It involves exploring the ways we view our world and also ourselves. It deals with the identified negative thoughts that bring about anxiety. By first identifying whether you have anxiety, you will be able to decide on the best method of overcoming it.


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